Tuesday 28 February 2023

Scientific awareness rally organized on the occasion of National Science Day by Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka

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 Scientific awareness rally organized on the occasion of National Science Day

On the occasion of Science Day, various activities were organized by the local Aryabhatta Science Club Ranka, affiliated by Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, with the aim of taking science to the masses. Under this, tribute was first paid to the country's great scientist Dr. C. Bhi Raman in the presence of students, teachers and dignitaries at Government Girls Middle School, Ranka. Social worker Amarendra Kumar did the work of staging this program and threw light on the importance of science. To brainstorm what the students of the country think about the National Science Day, a science idea expression competition was organized in which Priya Kumari got first, Shivam Kumar got second and Meenakshi Kumari got third place. 


With the aim of making people aware of various important challenges, a science rally was organized by the club with the students using loudspeakers, which included electric vehicles, G20, water conservation, de-addiction, environmental protection, C20. Public awareness was spread about etc. School President Alok Pandey, Social Worker Amarendra Kumar, Rashtriya Yuva Swayamsevak Mohit Kumar Chaudhary, Teacher Ajit Kumar Pandey, Teacher Sadhna Sinha, Teacher Kalpana Kumari, Teacher Pinky Kumari, Alok Kumar Chaudhary of Aryabhatta Science Club, Avinash Kumar, flagged off this awareness rally. By Roshan Kumar etc. In the rally, the importance of electric vehicle and India's presidency in the G20 summit was specially highlighted. On the occasion, Alok Kumar Chaudhary, recipient of the National Youth Award in the field of science and recently selected ambassador for G20, said that his aim is to awaken the students and general public to the development experience through science, which can lead to the development of the country. This is the reason why the club has been celebrating Science Day etc. for a long time. Ramanuj Kumar, director of Kshitij Computer Center, present in the program, made the children aware of new technology, especially computer education. Science teacher Ajit Kumar Pandey said that participation in various activities is very important for the all round development of the students. Ranka's Block Development Officer Devanand Ram highly appreciated the organization of this type of program in a backward area like Ranka.

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