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Monday, 22 March 2021

Celebrate world water day for conserve water: quiz with certificate, pledge and many thing

Aryabhatt Science

 World water day online quiz with certificate 

Credit goes to students of GP Khutri

Aryabhatt Science Club, Ranka urges everyone to conserve the water. If I will say that conserve water for others or upcoming generation, may be many one not will not follow. Leave upcoming generation for one minute, think and say honestly that whether you are not feeling that situation of water is much bad and you should conserve it. 
A responsible person will understand the above thing well.

Happy World Water Day 

  • World Water Day 2021 Quiz: for all of  you attend, learn, prove your talent and get certificate... Participate here

  • World Water Day – 2021 Pledge:  Take responsibility of mother earth and take a pledge: Take pledge here
     An online ‘World Water Day – 2021 Pledge’ ( in Google forms) for all is also being launched along with this offline programme. And it will be available from 08:00 AM IST to 12:00 AM IST on that day. All the participants of this pledge will receive a printable participation certificate in their submitted Email Id only.  It is free & no fee(s) is required at any stage.

- Alok Kumar Chaudhary

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Celebrate you birthday with nature, will enjoy more: Plant a tree that day that will be big celebration

Aryabhatt Science

 Celebrate you birthday with nature, will enjoy more: Plant a tree that day that will be big celebration 

(World Forestry Day special 21 March )

विनोबा भावे विश्वविद्यालय में  आलोक कुमार चौधरी ने जन्मदिन के अवसर पर संस्थान में पौधरोपण कर एक महत्वपूर्ण जागरूकता का काम किया है। आलोक ने बताया कि जन्मदिन को यादगार बनाने और लोगो को वृक्षारोपण करने को जागरूक करने का इससे अच्छा मौका नही मिल सकता| अभी के विकराल स्थिति में कम से कम जन्मदिन के दिन पौधरोपण की न सिर्फ बात बल्कि  पौधरोपण जरूर करना चाहिए। इस जागरूकता आयोजन में संसथान के एनएसएस के कार्यक्रम पदाधिकारी डॉ खेमलाल महतो ने बताया कि एनएसएस पौधरोपण द्वारा प्रकृति का श्रृंगार करता है और प्रदूषण भरे अभी के माहौल में वृक्षारोपण कितना जरूरी है, आप सभी जानते ही है। मौके पर कई छात्र मौजूद थे जिन्होंने आने जन्मदिन पर पौधरोपण की प्रतिबद्धता दोहराई। कार्यक्रम के दौरान प्रो अर्चना रीना धान, प्रो दयानंद, प्रो रविंद्र भगत आदि भी इस जागरूकता कार्यक्रम में मौजूद थे।


Thursday, 4 March 2021

Free residence Training on Skill Development to Sustain and Enhance Technical Knowledge in Renewable Energy and Rural Electricity Systems

Aryabhatt Science

Training on Skill Development to Sustain and Enhance Technical Knowledge in Renewable Energy and Rural Electricity Systems

Venue: Shramik Bharati, Vikas Nagar and IIT Kanpur, Kalyanpur

Training Date: 04 February - 26 March, 2021

Interview Date: 01 February, 2021 - Last Date to Apply: 29 January, 2021

U.S-India Collaborative for Smart Distribution System with Storage (UI-ASSIST) is an Indo-US research project, supported and funded by Department of Energy, United States and the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. UI-ASSIST is a bi-lateral consortium of 30 collaborating entities, led by IIT Kanpur in India. The IIT Kanpur along with TERI, New Delhi is organizing this forty-five days residential training focusing on installation of solar energy module, solar pumps, AC Micro-grid, charge controller, battery storage, components assembly of Solar Home System etc.

  • Skill Development
  • Women & Youth Empowerment | 
  • Better job opportunities
  • Social Entrepreneurship | 
  • latest technology
  • Hands-on training,
  •  lab activities and industry exposure
  • are also under the scope.
  • Raising Awareness

Eligibility: ITI Degree Holder (Electricians/Fitters/Instrument Mechanics)


  • This is a residential training which is free of cost for all.

  • Female candidates have choice between availing residential training or commuting locally.

  • The COVID-19 directives of Government of India will be adhered to.

  • Certificate of Completion will be provided.

Contact Details: Mr. Nitish Rai, TERI | Mobile: 8765846787 | Email id:

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Inviting Startup Applications for partnership with WIPRO

Aryabhatt Science

CII Corporate-Start-up Business Partnership Platform

‘Inviting applications from Startups for Corporate partnership in the areas of Telecom, 5G, autonomous networks and many more……….’

 It has been experienced globally that the start-ups and large corporates can meaningfully collaborate while scripting the success stories for mutual benefits. Drawing upon this realization, CII has launched 'Corporate-Start-up Business Partnership Platform' wherein it is envisioned that CII member companies in every state ties up with at least one start-up this year.

Under this initiative, start-ups develop products or services for catering to the specific needs of the large corporates. In return, the start-ups are effectively nurtured by the corporates by providing mentorship, financial support, business guidance and finally inducting the start-ups in their supply chain. Since its launch, the platform has been positioned as one of the most prestigious recognition from the corporate world to the most promising start-ups for their excellence in developing cutting edge technology and innovation, wealth creation, and employment generation.

Under the ambit of CII 'Corporate-Start-up Business Partnership Platform', there will be a commitment of mentorship/co-creation by the large corporates to selected start-ups for mutual benefits and business expansion. The selected start-ups will also get recognition at various CII platforms.

Our Corporate partner, WIPRO is looking for collaboration with Startups in the following broad and specific areas:

1.    Telecom Services – 5G services providers

2.    Platform engineering –

Aid BSS transformation for 5G launch

3.    System Engineering

a)    Engineering & Development across VLSI/FPGA, SOC, software stack

b)    5G NR, SDR, gNB, core, NFV Microservices

4.    Security

SDN/NFV security testing & monitoring

b)    Security for Edge Computing cloud

c)    Security for 5G networks

5.    Autonomous Networks

Multi-domain services orchestration

b)    Cognitive management & automation

c)    Real time network analytics

d)    Network visualization


To apply for the program, please visit:


There is no registration / application fee applicable. Last date to apply – 15 March 2021.

For more details, kindly connect with Ms. Priyanka Mukhija, Executive Officer, CII (; +91-9873673940).

We look forward to your receiving your participation in the CII Corporate Start-up Connect Programme.


CII Start up Team 

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Free E Certificate Quiz on Road Safety Awareness

Aryabhatt Science

 Road Safety Awareness E-Quiz

Road Safety Quiz

Youth Resource Centre, Nuapada to celebrate National Road Safety Month , is organising an e-quiz on Road Safety Awareness.

Important Instructions
-This E-quiz contains a total 25 questions.
-It is mandotary to attend all the questions.
-Each question Carries 1 mark.
-Certificate will be awarded upon scoring 40% and above
-Please make sure to fill up correct Full name, District Name & E-mail Id ( It will be Used for Certification Purpose)
-Last date to submit Responses: 23rd January ,2020

Thursday, 14 January 2021