Saturday 9 September 2023

Happy World Electric Vehicle Day 2023

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 Happy World Electric Vehicle Day 2023

World Electric Vehicle Day 2023

Happy World Electric Vehicle Day!

As we observe World Electric Vehicle (EV) Day, we celebrate our initiative towards a cleaner, greener future. Electric vehicles represent a significant transition toward a more environmentally friendly and sustainable means of transportation. EVs are essential to reaching our aims of halting climate change and lowering our carbon footprint. EVs reduce air pollution as well as our dependency on fossil fuels. They are vital to creating a cleaner, healthier environment. The electric vehicle (EV) sector is a hub of innovation, advancing battery science, charging infrastructure, and sustainable materials. The switch to EVs encourages new businesses, from renewable energy to electric car production, and produces employment and boosts economic growth. EVs are changing the world.

Let's recognize the progress we've accomplished and the exciting path ahead. Your input counts, whether you're a proponent of a cleaner future, EV industry founder, an EV driver, or merely a member of the EV industry. Together, let's continue to promote and invest in environmentally friendly transportation options.

Particularly from the perspective of India, I believe that the states that are lagging behind in many economic and industry sectors should use this chance to lead the way in the e-mobility industry. And I urge youth of the country to let’s contribute in the energy sector of nation.

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