Sunday 7 July 2019

Aryabhatt Science Club (VP-JH0009) of Jharkhand will be honored again

Aryabhatt Science Club (VP-JH0009) of Jharkhand will be honored again, honor of Aryabhatt Science Club, Aryabhatt Science Club,Alok kumar Chaudhary, gold category award to Aryabhatt Science Club,gold category awarded Science Club,

Aryabhatt Science Club (VP-JH0009) of Jharkhand will  be honored again

Gold Category award Aryabhatt Science Club
Felicitation letter for Aryabhatt Science Club (VP-JH0009) Ranka

Vigyan Prasar ,Department of Science and Technology Govt of India sent  a letter to Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka Jharkhand India for the information about felicitation program which will be organise to honor various category awarded club.Aryabhatt science  club will be honored as gold category award in Arpit Institute of Engineering and Technology ,Rajkot ,Gujrat.This program will organise 12 and 13 August 19.

While Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka already felicitated as gold category award at NCERT New Delhi on the occasion of National Science Day 2017.

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