Tuesday 11 May 2021

Celebration of National Technology day

 Celebration of National Technology day

Aryabhatt Science Club, Ranka organized various events on the occasion of the National Technology Day 2021  by following the guidelines of the Covid 2019. First of all, a lecture was organized with the help of different youth working in different industries. Mr Rohit Chaudhary working in GAIL India introduced some innovative technology around us. Coordinator of Club Sh. Alok Kumar Chaudhary motivated students by telling them that as we are of rural background and we have limited technology, but still, we need to be technology-oriented and think about the solution of the problem of society by technology. Some competitions were also organized for the students and based on marks students were felicitated with medals and certificates. On the same day treasure of the club birthday of Sh Mohit kumar Chaudhary celebrated with the plantation.

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