Monday, 22 March 2021

Celebrate world water day for conserve water: quiz with certificate, pledge and many thing

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 World water day online quiz with certificate 

Credit goes to students of GP Khutri

Aryabhatt Science Club, Ranka urges everyone to conserve the water. If I will say that conserve water for others or upcoming generation, may be many one not will not follow. Leave upcoming generation for one minute, think and say honestly that whether you are not feeling that situation of water is much bad and you should conserve it. 
A responsible person will understand the above thing well.

Happy World Water Day 

  • World Water Day 2021 Quiz: for all of  you attend, learn, prove your talent and get certificate... Participate here

  • World Water Day – 2021 Pledge:  Take responsibility of mother earth and take a pledge: Take pledge here
     An online ‘World Water Day – 2021 Pledge’ ( in Google forms) for all is also being launched along with this offline programme. And it will be available from 08:00 AM IST to 12:00 AM IST on that day. All the participants of this pledge will receive a printable participation certificate in their submitted Email Id only.  It is free & no fee(s) is required at any stage.

- Alok Kumar Chaudhary

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