Sunday 10 January 2021

Participate in Free Certificate Online Physics Quiz by Council of Science & Technology U.P.

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  Participate in Free Certificate Online Physics Quiz by Council of Science & Technology U.P. 

Dear All,

Council of Science & Technology U.P. is organizing an online Science Quiz Series (Physics).

Kindly participate in the quiz.

Successful candidates will get an online certificate. Kindly instruct all your students to attempt the quiz.

QUIZ ON Basic Physics is a quiz in a series of quizzes based on Science & Technology. An e-certificate will be sent on email id of successful participants. This quiz is organised by the Council of Science & Technology, UP, Lucknow (Department of Science & Technology, UP) for awareness of Basic physics and its applications in daily life among the public.

C.S.T. UP Science Quiz Series
Rules & Regulation:

1. There are 20 multiple choice questions, based on basic physics in this quiz.

2. Each Question carries five marks.

3. The quiz will be opened for 15 days till 22 January 2021.

4. The results will be declared immediately after completing the quiz.

5. E-certificates will be provided after the closing date of the quiz.

6.E-Certificates will be given to candidates who score 70% or above in the quiz.

7. Hard Copies of the certificate will not be provided.

8. The decision of CST UP will be final regarding this quiz series and No question will be entertained regarding the same.

Following is the link for the quiz:-

Participate here

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Author & Editor

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