Friday 25 September 2020

Be part of IUCAA Astronomy Outreach free of cost

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 Be part of IUCAA Astronomy Outreach free of cost

The very successful Muktangan Vidnyan Shodhika Associates (MViSA) programme for Amateur Astronomers is now expanding to larger audiences. This will have open training from various project experts from all over the world. Some serious participants will also be later selected for a dedicated programme of interactions with IUCAA resource persons and to be involved in some advanced observations.

The first lecture of the series is on Sunday, 27th September at 11am, by Prof. Olivier Guyon, Project Founder of PANOPTES Project and Dr Preethi Krishnamoorthy, also a team member of the same project. Both work at the Subaru Telescope of the NAOJ in Hawaii.

PANOPTES (Panoptic Astronomical Networked Observatories for a Public Transiting Exoplanets Survey) - a citizen science project that aims to make it easy for anyone to build a low cost, robotic telescope that can be used to detect transiting exoplanets.

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