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Paryavaran Kumbh 2018

 Paryavaran Kumbh 2018

Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka invited and participated in

Paryavaran Kumbh,Varanasi
Aryabhatt Science Club , Ranka invited and participated  at Pryavaran
Kumbh at Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi from 1 -2
December 2018 jointly organised by the Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh and
Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith.This invitation sent to the club for
outstanding work in the field of Environment and Science
Communication from 6years.Four members of this club were invited to this
event coordinator of Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka Alok Kumar
Chaudhary, Treasure of Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka Mohit
Chaudhary, Resource office and planning officer Anish Kumar Gupta
and Avinash Kumar.
But only treasure and resources officers of this club take part in this
event for the learn and share their idea at the conference due to also
participation in state-level National Children’s science congress
2018. The idea and knowledge they learnt at the conference also will
communicate to others for saving life and earth.
Pryavaran kumbh is a environment awareness and thinking event
announced by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Govt. for a green
future, at Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith and inaugurated by the
deputy Chief Minister of the U.P. Govt. Shri Dinesh Sharma.
In the conceptual Kumbh, about three thousand experts from across
the country will be looking for 'Sanjivani' by churning for two days to
solve the deeper environmental crisis. Due to the darshan of
Prabhjan-Archana and lamp lighting the environment Kumbh, Deputy
CM Dinesh Sharma said that the harmony with human nature has
ended. Increasing danger on the environment has clouded human
Dinesh Sharma said that the human genre of Indian culture is of
environment protection, balance and friendship towards it. It has a
sense of respect and protection towards animals, flora, river-tanks.
Today, the whole world is suffering because of the mess in nature
with current nature of consumerism. The solution is to remove the
human itself. He said, 'It is our endeavor that the environment be
included in the curriculum at the school level as an important subject.
Suresh Soni, the keynote speaker of the first session, emphasized
changing the thinking of the environment and applying it accordingly.
He said that environmental protection can be done only from Indian
lifestyle. We must fulfill the needs of nature rather than our desires.
The indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources has brought it to
the mouth of the trench. To change this situation, everyone will have
to think and change their lifestyle. Dr. SP Gautam, former Chairman,
Central Pollution Control Board, Dr. S.L. Rathore, former Director
General of Indian Metrological Division; Dr. Punit Mishra, Head of
Health Community Development; Sirish Kedare of IIT Mumbai; Vice
Chancellor of Gautam Buddha University; BP Sharma, Krishi Vijnan
Specialist and former Vice Chancellor of BHU Dr. Punjab Singh,
Director General of Agriculture Research Kallu Gautam,
Environmentalist Dr. Gajanan Dange and others working in this area
have also been included. In it, sand art, sea churning and
environmental related images are the center of attraction. Posters
relating to the environment under Green Good Deeds have been planted
by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Change. More than one
hundred paintings related to the environment created by artists have
also been found here. Pros of World Indian University Saurabh
Chakraborty, Prashant Vaidya of Ahmedabad, Karunakara Satpathy
of Odisha, S. S. of Telangana. The photographs of 50 leading
photographers including Sujan, Ravi Zillapatti have also been
displayed. In the first session on Sunday, the second day of the
Environmental Kumbha, Chief Speaker Prof. Bhagwati Prasad
Sharma said that the need to change in thinking about the value of life
now. Indian culture has been favourable to the environment which has
ended today. Dr. Laxman Singh Rathore, the former Director-General
of India Meteorology, also expressed deep concern and shared the
importance of being aware of the environmental change. In the
presidential remarks, as much as the human rights of the earth, the
same is the right of vegetation and animal birds -

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