Saturday 6 November 2021

Water saving movement being run by Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka

 Water-saving movement being run by Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka 

Campaign launched by Aryabhatta Science Club to save water

Under the banner of Aryabhatta Science Club, Ranka, water awareness and water rescue campaign was run in Ranka. Describing the campaign, it was told by the coordinator of the club, Alok Kumar Chaudhary that the club has started this campaign to get rid of this problem after seeing the supply of water getting wasted. The main thing of water awareness is to make all those households who have water supply in it, who leave the tap open after filling the water they need, which not only leads to wastage of clean drinking water but also does not reach the needy far away homes. Could reach Under this campaign, after distributing taps to the houses, an appeal was made to turn off the tap after filling them with the required water. The campaign was started by Rajesh Madheshia, the chief representative of Ranka, in which he appreciated the efforts made by the club to solve the problems of the society. Mohit Kumar Chaudhary, treasurer of Aryabhatta Science Club, while sharing the tap said that water is priceless, we have to save it together as much as possible. In this campaign, villagers like Abhishek Chaudhary, Ajay Gupta, Upendra Kumar, Roshan Kumar etc. were present and committed themselves to be alert and alert others to save water.

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