Saturday 11 September 2021

Science and Technology Workshop Organized in in UPG High School Soh Garhwa

 Science and Technology Workshop Organized in UPG High School Soh Garhwa

Student Science Promotion Program was organized by Aryabhatta Science Club, Ranka in Upgraded High School, Soh. Sonali Kumari, the headmaster of the school, extended a warm welcome to the coordinator of Aryabhatta Science Club, Ranka. First of all, children were discussed about what is innovation, how to do it, how scientific approach helps us etc. After this, the coordinator of the club, through the astronomy kit developed by Vigyan Prasar, appealed to stay away from these misconceptions by telling about the various geographical facts like eclipse, misconceptions behind the eclipse etc. told about the method. Mathematical geometry cross based model was told to the people through interesting medium by the science teacher of the school, Mr. Praveen Kumar. The children observed the sun through the safe solar viewer and were very proud after observing. Three successful students in the quiz conducted during the workshop were awarded with prizes and certificates. In the end, the coordinator of the club gave the school headmaster as a gift an astronomy kit developed by Vigyan Prasar with the belief that in future children would be able to learn a lot from its use.  

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