Monday 21 June 2021

World Yoga Day Celebration

 World Yoga Day Celebration

 Yoga performed in the grounds of Ranka High School on the occasion of 7th International Yoga Day.

International Yoga Day was celebrated by Aryabhatta Science Club, Ranka on the occasion of International Yoga Day by performing yoga in the grounds of the local high school, which left India's art of yoga in the world. Yoga was done under the leadership of volunteer Mohit Kumar Chaudhary. The message of being healthy through yoga was spread through this program. Alok Kumar Choudhary, Coordinator of Science Club on the occasion pointed out Yoga as a very important link for Fit India. Sanjay Sinha, Kamlesh Nandan Sinha, Upendra Ram, Avinash Kumar, Roshan Kumar, Sonu Madhesia etc. were present on the occasion and performed yoga.

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