Wednesday 3 March 2021

Inviting Startup Applications for partnership with WIPRO

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CII Corporate-Start-up Business Partnership Platform

‘Inviting applications from Startups for Corporate partnership in the areas of Telecom, 5G, autonomous networks and many more……….’

 It has been experienced globally that the start-ups and large corporates can meaningfully collaborate while scripting the success stories for mutual benefits. Drawing upon this realization, CII has launched 'Corporate-Start-up Business Partnership Platform' wherein it is envisioned that CII member companies in every state ties up with at least one start-up this year.

Under this initiative, start-ups develop products or services for catering to the specific needs of the large corporates. In return, the start-ups are effectively nurtured by the corporates by providing mentorship, financial support, business guidance and finally inducting the start-ups in their supply chain. Since its launch, the platform has been positioned as one of the most prestigious recognition from the corporate world to the most promising start-ups for their excellence in developing cutting edge technology and innovation, wealth creation, and employment generation.

Under the ambit of CII 'Corporate-Start-up Business Partnership Platform', there will be a commitment of mentorship/co-creation by the large corporates to selected start-ups for mutual benefits and business expansion. The selected start-ups will also get recognition at various CII platforms.

Our Corporate partner, WIPRO is looking for collaboration with Startups in the following broad and specific areas:

1.    Telecom Services – 5G services providers

2.    Platform engineering –

Aid BSS transformation for 5G launch

3.    System Engineering

a)    Engineering & Development across VLSI/FPGA, SOC, software stack

b)    5G NR, SDR, gNB, core, NFV Microservices

4.    Security

SDN/NFV security testing & monitoring

b)    Security for Edge Computing cloud

c)    Security for 5G networks

5.    Autonomous Networks

Multi-domain services orchestration

b)    Cognitive management & automation

c)    Real time network analytics

d)    Network visualization


To apply for the program, please visit:


There is no registration / application fee applicable. Last date to apply – 15 March 2021.

For more details, kindly connect with Ms. Priyanka Mukhija, Executive Officer, CII (; +91-9873673940).

We look forward to your receiving your participation in the CII Corporate Start-up Connect Programme.


CII Start up Team 

Aryabhatt Science

Author & Editor

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