Thursday 14 January 2021

Free participation in Science Techno Model Presentation competition of Indian Science Techno Festival (ISTF) Virtual - 2021

Free Certificate Model Presentation competition, Indian Science Techno Festival competition, Indian Science Techno Festival (ISTF) Virtual - 2021,

 Free participation in Science Techno Model Presentation competition of Indian Science Techno Festival (ISTF) Virtual - 2021

Indian Science Techno Festival ISTF 2021
Indian Science Techno Festival

Organized by ♦

Vigyan Prasar Network of Science Clubs

(An autonomous organization of Department Science & Technology) Govt. of India

Reg. No.: VP-GJ0158 & VP-DL0181 & VP-RJ0064


Raman Science & Technology Foundation

National Council of Teacher Scientists, India

AJP Abdul Kalam National Council of Young Scientist, India

Indian Science Techno Festival (ISTF) Virtual - 2021

26-28 Feb 2021

Science Techno Model Presentation

For students 


1. There are 3 Stages in this event

  • Stage 1 Registration
  • Stage 2 Uploading Video of model presentation
  • Stage 3 Uploading Write-up & Online Presentations of Selected Models

Stage 1 Registration:1. There will be individual participation and participants have to register online through Google form.

Google form link:

(When you submit the Google form you will get what app group link to join)

Stage 2 Uploading Video

a) Video of model/exhibit not more than 3 minutes is uploaded on participant's Google's drive and link of the same be shared by the participants on the Whatsapp group. While uploading you have to mention Title, Theme, Sub-theme, your Name, Class and Category.

b) These videos will be examined by the panel of judges.

c) Best 10 videos of models/exhibits their write-ups will be shortlisted after screening by the panel of judges.

Stage 3 Uploading Write-up & Online Presentations of Selected Models

1) In Whatsapp group you have to give Write-up of the Model/Exhibit having following. Title page should contain

1. Title of the exhibit, 2.Theme, 3.Sub Theme, 4.Name of Participant, 5. Class 6. Name of School, 8.Name of Guide Teacher, 10.School Address

Inner pages should contain

1. Scientific principle involved 2. Material Required 3.Procedure 4. Working 5. Utility 6. Follow up action 7. Sketch of the Model

Two to three pages in total Write-up is sufficient.

2. The participants of selected videos will be invited for their presentation online live at Zoom during the event.

3. Each participant will be given 5 minutes for his/ her model presentation followed by 2 minutes of interaction with a panel of Judges.

4. Out of 10 models the best three will be declared as First, Second and third followed by two consolations.

5. First, Second, third positions & two consolations will be conferred award with Medal, Merit Certificate & kit on 28 Feb 2021.

(All other participants and guide teachers will get their certificates according to the level of participation of the models)


 Models should be preferably working, innovative, cost-effective and according

to the level of classes of the students.

 Use Only Hindi Or English Language in both Rounds.

Important dates

1. Registrations open- January 10, 2021

2. Registrations close- January 20, 2021

3. Video submission - February 5, 2021

4. Video acceptance notification: February 10, 2021

For further assistance/query, you can contact at:

Event Coordinator Committee

 Mr. Kuldeep Gupta (Director, NCTS - J & K) Mob. No. 9906078038

 Mr. Brijesh Dixit (Director, APJKNYS - North U.P.) Mob. No. 9837635515

 Mr. Bhagwanji Bhai (Director, APJKNYS - Gujarat) Mob. No. 9925891560

 Mr. Darshan Baweja (Director, APJKNYS - Haryana) Mob. No. 7404241300

Advisory Committee

 Dr. B. K. Tyagi (Scientist “F”, Vigyan Prasar)

 Dr. J. J. Rawal (President, IPS Bombay)

 Dr. C.M. Nautiyal (Scientist)

 Mr. Bharatbhai Chaniara (Ex. ISRO Scientist)

 Er. B. N. Rao (Maths Guru Of India)

Organizing Committee

 Dr. Chandramouli Joshi (Chairman, NCTS, APJKNYS, RSTF-India)

 Mr. Sandip D Patil (National Secretary, NCTS-India)

 Dr. Shantilal Bhoraniya (National Director, NCTS-India)

 Mr. Gajendra Gepala (National Director, APJKNYS-India)

 Mr. Anjan Banik (National Joint Secretary, NCTS-India)

Technical Support Committee

 Mrs. Chiluka Umarani (Director, NCTS - Telengana)

 Mr. Alok Kumar Chaudhary (Director, NCTS - Jharkhand)

 Mr. Viral Mistry (District Director, NCTS - Anand)

 Mr. Jignesh Sanchaniya (District Director, NCTS - Dahod)

Registration office

C-8/76 Sector-8 Rohini, Delhi-110085, India

Working Office

35, S. G. Agrawal Nagar, Station Road, Raver

Tal. Raver, Dist. Jalgaon (MH)



Last date of Response

20-01-2021 (Wednesday)

Aryabhatt Science

Author & Editor

For Science communication


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