Sunday 13 December 2020

Participate in Student Science Village for Class 9 to 12 at IISF 2020, Best opportunity for all students

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 Participate in Student Science Village for Class 9 to 12 at IISF 2020, Best opportunity for all students

We are happy to inform you that 6th “India International Science Festival (IISF) 2020” ( is going to be held during December 22nd – 25th 2020 through Virtual Platform. CSIR – NISTADS, New Delhi is the Coordinating Laboratory along with DBT, DST and ICMR. As a part of this “Students Science Village” will going to be held which aims to provide Science Exposure to the students across India and make them aware of India’s achievements in frontier areas of Science & Technology and make them passionate towards scientific studies.

Students Science Village 2020 will glow with the Theme “School Science for Sustainability”.  

This four-day event will have several programs for the students and will comprise of 

i) Experimental Physics; 

ii) Fun with Mathematics;

 iii) Play with Chemistry; 

iv) Experiments with Biological Science; 

v) Popular Talk; 

vi) Quiz Competition; 

vii) Visit Mega Science, Technology & Industrial Expo and many more.


There is NO registration fee.

Who can participate: Students from class IX to XI

How to Register: Please visit Register here

Registration Deadline: 18 December 2020

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