Sunday, 13 December 2020

Free certificate Training on Cyber Crime Awareness

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 Free certificate Training on Cyber Crime Awareness

Approx Participant Duration Time: 15-40 Minutes.

This training programme on Cyber Crime Awareness is organized by the National Service Scheme of Uttar Pradesh, Govt. of UP, under the Mission Shakti-2020 in collaboration with CollCom. 

Information provided in this training module are very relevant to the today's perspective. You are requested to  kindly read all the information carefully and watch the complete video for the better understanding, then answer the questions. Take your own time to complete it. Once you submit this training module, then only you will get a certificate with score card.

Kindly write your valid email id carefully. E-Certificate with score card will be issued on your registered email id only.

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  1. This was very informative, I gained a lot of very useful information about cyber crime which I was not knowing before.