Wednesday 30 September 2020

Participate in the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020

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Participate in the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020

Dear Sir / Madam,

Greetings from IET Chennai Local Network. 

We are happy to inform you that IET CLN in collaboration with NASA space Apps is organizing a 48-hour long virtual hackathon from Oct 2 - 4, 2020.

We have the inaugural session on 02.10.2020 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM (IST). On behalf of IET CLN, I invite you to the virtual inaugural session through Zoom. To register for the inauguration please visit the following link. 

The registered participants will be sent a Zoom meeting link.

What is NASA Space Apps Challenge?

  • The NASA International Space Apps Challenge (or Space Apps) is an international hackathon that will take place over a 48-hour period in cities around the globe between October 2nd and 4th, 2020. 

  • The event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing open-source solutions to challenges we currently face on Earth and in space.

About the Hackathon:

The Hackathon is open to anyone and is focused on developing real solutions to global challenges by the end of the event. For each year’s International Space Apps Challenge, NASA designs challenges, and we (the Global Organizing Team) work with local hosts around the world to implement events where teams work intensively to design solutions over the course of a 48-hour period.  

Registrations & Participation: 

The Hackathon is free and open to all ages.

Kids below 13 years must register along with their parents 

Participants may pre-register prior to the event. 

For Registration do visit

Create an account -> Select location as Chennai -> NASA local lead will send out T-Minus countdown mail once you register under Chennai. 

Register and stand a chance to win upto 2 lakhs worth of prizes and goodies.

Posters for the Events are available here:

Thank you so much!

Take action, Help us Engineer a Better World 


NASA Space Apps, Chennai Local Lead

 IET CCSA Member

Aryabhatt Science

Author & Editor

For Science communication


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