Sunday 24 January 2021

ISRO YUVIKA Awareness Program

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 ISRO YUVIKA Awareness Program 2020

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ISRO Young Scientist programme is a very good initiative taken by the Indian Space Research Organization, Department of Space, Govt of India. Aryabhatt Science club organizes time to time such activity that can help to popularize it to all the student of the nation. In this initiative club also achieved well to popularize it We also urge to people o aware as much they can. In same era event organized on it is:

Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka Jharkhand India initiated the month of January as the month of ISRO for the outstanding work of the ISRO. In this activity of the club, the various achievement of the ISRO tried to Popularise. And Most importantly a very good initiative of ISRO, ISRO young Scientist Program tried to make the reach to more student if India. For this purpose, the club released a youtube video on this notification. More than one thousand people watched the video and asked the difficulty what they have faced. And the various problem of students got resolved by the club. Club coordinator Alok Kumar Chaudhary thanked ISRO to such initiate. Released video can be found on the below, which is released with VIPNET logo and VIPNET acknowledgement.


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