Friday 31 July 2020

Report: National Science Gaming Competition 2020

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Report: National Science Gaming Competition 2020

In this lockdown with the motive of popularizing Plasma science not only among students but also among the general public, with support of Vigyan Prasar NETwork of Science Clubs (VIPNET), and International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor- India, IPR, Department of Atomic Energy, and Govt. of India, Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka organized National Online Science Gaming Competition 2020 which will also much helpful to the utilization of time by students to learn about the mega-science project of India: generation of energy by Nuclear fusion by ITER Project.

   In this Competition, anyone could be part (no age limit) and participation in this was also free of cost using a smartphone by following COVID 2019 instruction by Government. Top 50 participant will be awarded the prize, certificate and membership of science club.

In this competition 508 participants participated from 23 States and UT, they not only participated in the competition but also aware about Nuclear fusion energy generation is nothing but the energy of the future, which will provide fully clean and green energy and ITER India is that organization which responsible to contribute from India in ITER project, in which 35 nations are contributing.

While this is not only a competition we have made a various knowledgeable video regarding ITER and how to participate in this competition so that all will not feel any difficulty:

1.         Video Instructions National Online Science Gaming Competition 2020

2.         Video Promo How to apply National Science gaming Competition 2020

3.         Video Promo what is ITER?                     

4.         Blog Promo National Online Science Gaming Competition 2020

5.         Game Application Download  Link 

6.         Online Form Link    

In the near future we will try to do more activity nationwide to popularize fusion energy.


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