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How to participate in the National Quiz Competition 2020

How to participate in the National Quiz Competition 2020     Haven't Registeredgo here

Dear participants, If you have registered well for this national quiz competition now it's time to know how to join our digital event on World Environment day where you will able to listen some eminent scientist and environmentalist. From the same event, you will be redirected to the quiz question. Below Procedure will be used on 5th June to participate in this competition:Go to Website on 5th June on Click here to join the event on 5:00 PM (Join Early)Participate in an event, where you will get the opportunity to hear eminent               scientists of IndiaWait for starting of Quiz and when it will tale to be ready, Follow the  link in the         description and go to the websiteStart the Quiz and be participated (Make sure Gmail is login in your browser)Click to Start QuizComes shortly

Important link for Quiz 

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