Thursday 26 December 2019

Club Activity on Annular Solar Eclipse

 Club Activity on Annular Solar Eclipse

Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka (VP-JH0009) Jharkhand organized various club activities on rare annular solar eclipses to popularize and create awareness regarding this big astronomical event. First of all, with the various channels, it's popularized that why this is important to see,   and we'll show the solar eclipse with 5 inches astronomical telescope or by the filter. On the day of the Annular Solar Eclipse with the help of a telescope and solar filter, many students and villagers show this event. Also, various topics were discussed and showed various analysis images related to this eclipse of the sun got from the National camp on Annular Solar Eclipse 2019 organised by Vigyan Prasar. Two videos also made for the same - which are below-

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