Friday 11 October 2019

Student Science Motivation program at high school Dumro Garhwa

 Student Science Motivation program at high school Dumro Garhwa

Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka (VP-JH0009) Jharkhand started a new program named Student Science Motivation Program (SSMP 2019) for the student teachers to prepare them for new innovation and new challenges in new and modern technology development. As our state get the lowest place in the innovation index by NITI Ayog so that club started this program. In the initial stage, this program started at High school Dumro where various activities are done to make interest among students and teachers. First of all supervisor of Aryabhatt Science Club Sh. Satish kumar Pandey explained about the innovation and development in the product. After that Coordinator of Aryabhatt Science Club Alok Kumar Chaudhary speak about their different project and Science model to inspire them about it. Students have also given good feedback about it. One video of the programme was also uploaded on the official youtube channel of video which can be seen below link 

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