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Activity on Annular Solar Eclipse by Aryabhatt Science Club Ranka VP-Jh0...


Registration start for general participant for Indian Science Congress 2020 at Bengaluru

Indian Science Congress 2020 Announced much earlier be part of it by register below-  Register

*Be ready Scientists*

107th Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) @ University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore [Jan 3-7, 2020]:

*About the Conference*
The 107th session of the Indian Science Congress Association will be held at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore from January 3 to 7,2020.

The Focal Theme of the conference being “Science and Technology: Rural Development” and is proposed to be inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India.

Agriculture and Forestry Sciences.
Animal, Veterinary and Fishery Sciences.
Chemical Sciences.
Engineering Sciences.
Earth System Sciences.
Environmental Sciences.
Materials Science.
Information and Communication Science & Technology (including Computer Sciences).
Anthropological and behavioural Sciences (including Archaeology, Psychology, Education and Military Sciences).
Medical Sciences ( Including Physiology ).

*Call fo…

InterState Science Tinkering Fest (ISSTF) 2019-20 in Indian Institute Of Technology - Kanpur on 25 january 2020.

InterState Science Tinkering Fest (ISSTF) 2019-20 in Indian Institute Of Technology - Kanpur on 25 january 2020.
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It's my pleasure to inform you that  for promoting STEM education and for enhancing the Skill development, Vijnana Bharati(VIBHA) Brahmavart in association with IIT - Kanpur and Stem Robo are going to organize InterState Science Tinkering Fest (ISSTF) 2019-20 in Indian Institute Of Technology - Kanpur on 25 january 2020.
There are four types of event in this fest.
*1. Science Tinkering Exhibition*
Only Those students can participate who develop a prototype through innovation, which is useful as well as low cost for society. It's a platform where officials of Government organizations like NITI Aayog, NIF, STPI, Vigyan Prasar, CBSE & NCERT will visit the exhibition and also some big startup companies will sign a bond  with students to transform selected proto type models into the products.
Registrations open only in limited number and for limited…

Engineers Day special

१५ सितंबर को Engineers'Day पर  खचाखच भरी एक रेलगाड़ी चली जा रही थी। यात्रियों में अधिकतर अंग्रेज थे। एक डिब्बे में एक भारतीय मुसाफिर गंभीर मुद्रा में बैठा था। सांवले रंग और मंझले कद का वह यात्री साधारण वेशभूषा में था इसलिए वहां बैठे अंग्रेज उसे मूर्ख और अनपढ़ समझ रहे थे और उसका मजाक उड़ा रहे थे। पर वह व्यक्ति किसी की बात पर ध्यान नहीं दे रहा था। अचानक उस व्यक्ति ने उठकर ट्रेन की जंजीर खींच दी। तेज रफ्तार में दौड़ती ट्रेन तत्काल रुक गई। सभी यात्री उसे भला-बुरा कहने लगे। थोड़ी देर में गार्ड भी आ गया और उसने पूछा, 'जंजीर किसने खींची है?' उस व्यक्ति ने बेझिझक उत्तर दिया, 'मैंने खींची है।' कारण पूछने पर उसने बताया, 'मेरा अनुमान है कि यहां से लगभग एक फर्लांग (220 गज) की दूरी पर रेल की पटरी उखड़ी हुई है।' गार्ड ने पूछा, 'आपको कैसे पता चला?' वह बोला, 'श्रीमान! मैंने अनुभव किया कि गाड़ी की स्वाभाविक गति में अंतर आ गया है। पटरी से गूंजने वाली आवाज की गति से मुझे खतरे का आभास हो रहा है।' गार्ड उस व्यक्ति को साथ लेकर जब कुछ दूरी पर पहुंचा तो यह देखकर द…
10th ARIES Training School in Observational
(ATSOA-2020, 16th-26th March 2020)

on-line registration: Click here

The 10th ATSOA will be held from 16th-26th March 2020 at ARIES, Manora Peak, Nainital.
The focus will be on hand on experience on observational Astronomy using 1m ARIES
telescope. The topics covered at the school included Telescopes, Star Formation and
Evolution, Circumstellar Matter, Radiative Processes, and Techniques of Photometry,
Spectroscopy, Polarimetry as well as Galactic and Extra- Galactic Astronomy. Priority will be
given to hands-on/demo sessions on image processing and spectral analysis, and training of
night sky by eye programe. The audience targeted by the school is primarily the young M.Sc.
or Ph.D first year students, inclined to work in observational Astronomy. During the school
ample time will also be for discussions and practice as well to interact closely with ARIES
Ph.D. research students who will be main dr…

Observation of Annular Solar Eclipse 2019 || National Camp on Annular So...